How To Change The Birth Date On A Hotmail Account?

While creating a Hotmail account to have access to utilize its various apps, individuals often provide factual personal information such as birth date, gender, present Age, zip code and even the country name. This kind of personal info is one way to personally secure your Data.

Unfortunately many a times, the user forgets the password to log in successfully on Hotmail website. When, they need to retrieve their password with the help of experts attending Hotline technical support, they mismatch the factual birth date produced by them while opening the Hotmail account.

In such cases, you need to know how to change the birth date on a Hotmail account. There is few Hotmail technical support number +61-283173460 to contact the expert through emails or via voice media.

Hints to update your date of birth setting:

Step-1: The first step is to login Hotmail account and try to locate ‘ options’ menu present at the top right side of the display unit.
Step-2: Select the ‘more options’ features at the bottom of ‘options menu’ line.
Step-3: Click on to managing your account feature to know your personal details.
Step-4: The option labeled ‘Account information’ includes all detail of the given personal data.
Step-4: Click on to the change option present at the right side of the personal data list. At the side of your birth date, you will find two drop down boxes to select the day and month. Then another drop list for the born year. Tick the correct option to fill up the right birth date of your choice.

It will be preferable to give the right information to be well used in future to retrieve your lost or forgotten password. For further information regarding the changes to be done perfectly, you can anytime contact hotmail support.